Research Papers and Reports

Discrimination and Affirmative Action in Brazil

by Edward E. Telles
Copyright © 2009 

Affirmative Action in Contemporary Brazil: Two Institutional Discourses on Race

by Lilia G. M. Tavolaro, April 5, 2008
Copyright © 2008,

Niteroi Report

drafting participants: Elisa Larkin, Carlos Medeiros, and Matilde Ribeiro

Recent Debates on Affirmative Action

by Graziella Moraes D. Silva, Spring 2007
Copyright © ReVista: Harvard Review of Latin America at David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies

BRAZIL: Affirmative Action in Higher Education, 2003-2004

Copyright © 2005 Global Rights: Partners for Justice

Newspaper Articles

University Race Quotas in Brazil

by Gary Duffy
November 1, 2009

Affirmative Action, Brazilian-Style

by Marion Lloyd
October 11, 2009 

Black Brazil Seeks a Better Future

by Robert Plummer
September 25, 2006

Brazil Experiences the Growing Pains Of Affirmative Action

by Nicole Roberge, June 1, 2006
Copyright © 2005 by

Brazil Takes Affirmative Action in Higher Education

by Rodrigo Davies
August 4, 2003

Affirmative Action Debate Forces Brazil to Take Look in the Mirror

by Jon Jeter
June 16, 2003




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