The African American Policy Forum (AAPF) hosts its annual Social  Justice Writers Workshop this coming May of 2009, from the 6th to  the 11th .  The goal of the Workshop is to bring together a community of like-minded scholars and advocates to provide critical feedback on both individual research and AAPF work projects designed to advance social justice.  This exchange of ideas plays a critical role in enhancing the publications of attendees as well as the productivity of AAPF’s various programs.  This will be the fourth time AAPF has hosted this Workshop in Negril, Jamaica.

The retreat is among the most important and valuable activities that AAPF facilitates in order to bridge scholarly research and public discourse pertaining to social justice. As a conveyor of information between the academy and civil society, AAPF recognizes the importance of developing environments in which ideas can be hatched, nurtured, and readied for “prime time.”

Although many of the participants work in academic institutions and social justice networks, AAPF realizes that existing institutional settings do not always provide the most fertile terrain for the development of ideas to advance scholar’s and activist’s projects. Consequently, AAPF seeks to create environments built around broadly shared values and visions of society in order to support and sustain this work.

Please use the navigation bars on the left to know more about the 2009 event in Jamaica and the 2008 edition, to view pictures, and to download the required confirmation and travel form (these sections require a password).  

We hope you enjoy our Negril Reading Room, and we look forward to seeing you in Jamaica!

AAPF Team!



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