Tukufu Zuberi – "White Logic, White Methods”

Hazel Markus – “Unmarking the neutral"

Moderator: Kimberle Crenshaw

Rapporteur: Carol Anderson 


Session Readings:

Toward a Definition of White Logic and White Methods

A Collective Fear of the Collective: Implications for Selves and Theories of Selves

Why Did They "Choose" to Stay?: Perspectives of Hurricane Katrina Observers and Survivors

Background Library:

Cultural Ways of Learning: Individual Traits or Repertoires of Practice

Identity Matters: Ethnicity, Race and the American Dream

Pride, Prejudice, and Ambivalence

Colorblindness as a Barrier to Inclusion

Social Psychology: Handbook of Basic Principles

Tribal Sovereigns: Reframing Research in American Indian Education







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