Glenn Adams – “Individualist Epistemology in Psychology: A case of Modern Scientific Racism” 

Leah Gordon – “The Individual and the General Situation’: Prejudice and Postwar ‘Race Relations’ ”

Moderator: George Lipsitz

Rapporteur: Carol Anderson  


Session Readings:

Beyond Prejudice: Toward a Sociocultural Psychology of Racism and Oppression

The "Tension Barometer": Social Psychology, Social Ecology and Racialism in Postwar America, 1947-1954 (pages 1-4 and 14-28 are particularly relevant)


Background Library:

Commemorating Brown: Psychology as a Force of Liberation

Teaching About Racism: Pernicious Implications of the Standard Portrayal

Chapter 1: "Data and Not Trouble": The Rockefeller Foundation and the Social Science of Race Relations, 1926-1963

Chapter 4: "Education for Racial Understanding" and the Meanings of Integration at Howard University, 1932-1954

Tribal Sovereigns: Reframing Research in American Indian Education

Chapters from:
Gordon, Leah N.  “The Question of Prejudice: Social Science, Education, and the Struggle to Define ‘the Race Problem’ in Mid-Century America, 1935-1965.” PhD diss., University of Pennsylvania, 2008.




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