Kris Gutierrez – “Hybrid Literacy and High Stakes Testing”

Kimberly West-Faulcon – "The Legal Contest Between Non-Discrimination and Anti-Affirmative Action in Higher Education."

Moderator: Luke Harris

Rapporteur: Hazel Markus 


Session Readings:

White Innocence: A Framework and Methodology for Rethinking Educational Discourse and Inquiry

Developing a Sociocritical Literacy in the Third Space 

The River Runs Dry: When Title VI Trumps State Anti-Affirmative Action Laws

Weighing In on Test Score Equality


Background Library:

Social Practice: Becoming Enculturated in Human-Computer Interaction (Justine Cassell)

Swimming: On Oxygen, Resistance, and Possibility for Immigrant Youth under Seige

From Racial Liberalism to Racial Literacy: Brown v. Board of Education and the Interest-Divergence Dilemma

 Cultural Ways of Learning: Individual Traits or Repertoires of Practice





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