William Darity – “Market Subjects and Racial Subjects”

Alfredo Artiles – “Crafting Competence: Race, Ability & Equity in the Accountability Age”

Moderator: George Lipsitz

Rapporteur:  Sandra Smith


Session Readings:

Stratification Economics: Context Versus Culture and the Reparations Controversy 

Special Education’s Changing Indentity: Paradoxes and Dilemmas in Views of Culture and Space (Pages 176-190 for Special Education)

Exceptional Children  (Pages 283-286 & Pages 294-299 for Exceptional Children)

The Dilemma of Difference: Enriching the Disproportionality Discourse with Theory and Context


Background Library:

Stratification Economics: The Role of Intergroup Inequality 

Shedding ‘Light’ on Marriage: The Influence of Skin Shade on Marriage for Black Females

From Dark to Light: Skin Color and Wages Among African-Americans




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