Sanjay Kumar, Researcher, Social Activist and Secretary of Deshkal Society

I research, document and advocate issues of subaltern and marginal peoples, primarily dalits and the labouring classes, whether they be issues of cultural rights, social empowerment or land/resource access.  My main thrust is on knowledge-based activism – organized in full partnership with the marginalized groups themselves – which can on the one hand, enhance their own competence and capacity and on the other, democratize mainstream knowledge structures.  The effort is to be able to set up a serious dialogue between the nation and the community, where questions can be raised by both sides on an equal footing.
I have jointly edited the book Asserting Voices: Changing Culture, Identity and Livelihood of the Musahars in the Gangetic Plains and Dalit Studies in Higher Education: Vision and Challenges. I have also directed the documentary entitled Aropit Pahchan Ke Par (Musahar Culture, Identity and Resistance). Presently I am engaged with a project titled Construction of Content Material and Teaching Manual for Children with Dalit Perspective.

Read here Prof. Kumar’s piece called "A Tale of  Three Cities".

Please click here to read Mr. Kumar’s Bellagio Abstract 


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