Executive Director Kimberle Crenshaw’s collaborations with V-Day – whose goal is to end violence against women – begin with her participation in a Vagina Monologues benefit at the Apollo in Harlem. Her performance was filmed and appeared in the important documentary, “V-Day: Until the Violence Stops.” Please check out the excerpt below:

On April 11th, 2008, Crenshaw delivered a key speech at a V-Day celebration held at the Superdome in New Orleans.  The event, entitled “Superlove” brought together world-renowned performers, slam-poets, scholars, and community activists to address the issues of violence against women in modern society. The event was also created to celebrate the tenth anniversary of V-Day, an organization dedicated to the advancement of women’s rights through education and awareness.  Superlove attracted the attendance of over 30,000 people, 125 speakers, 40 stars, and 800 volunteers.  In addition to the special performances and speeches, Superlove also featured makeovers, massages, medical centers, and yoga for the women who participated in the event.  Due to the significance of the event, Superlove captured the attention of major media outlets including USA Today, Associated Press, CosmoGirl, Extra, and more.

Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris

Superlove opened at the Louisiana Superdome, welcoming over 30,000 attendees throughout the event while attracting the attention of many media outlets.

During the two day conference, Professor Kimberle Crenshaw spoke about Intersectionality and the role that it played during the disaster following the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina as well as other events that caused internal displacement, espeically against women of color.  In front of a large audience, Professor Crenshaw discussed how race, gender, and class operated together within the realm of policy making and how these factors prevented the relief efforts from reaching females of color who were victims of disasters throughout the world. Professor Crenshaw was highly metaphorical and visual, creating a strong picture of how African American women are left unattended in the middle of the crossroad at a time when different societal forces emerge from various sides of the road to harm them.  Professor Crenshaw was also accompanied by Professor Devon Carbado. He  spoke about black males becoming key allies in stopping violence against women of color when they embrace a world view that is sensitive to very specific issues affecting African American girls and women.

Photo by Paula Allen

Participants stand to celebrate the opening of Superlove on Friday, April 11th. The event raised over $700,000 for local efforts in fighting against violence inflicted on women.

For more information regarding the event, please click here to visit the official homepage of  Superlove.



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