The African American Policy Forum is one of the leading organizations in the field of race and gender equality. More than exposing the issues at stake, AAPF founders and staff spend a lot of time thinking, creating, and testing new visuals, metaphors, and tools that will help the general audience to understand what affirmative action really is and why it is so important.

For instance, AAPF’s track metaphor has helped many to think about the barriers people of color face, which are a product of policy choices as well as old and contemporary practices that benefit only a few individuals within a particular group. Assessing these structural barriers is one huge step towards a new understanding of affirmative action policies. Our track metaphor allows our audience to visually see that if these policies are created in order to remove obstacles, then they are not preferences.   In fact, the existence of such policies is crucial to leveling  the playing field and creating more equal opportunities.

Media Monitoring

A collection of articles & stories from the United States, Brazil, France, India and South Africa.

Domestic Projects

The AARPC takes up on the task of debunking Professor Richard Sander’s mismatch argument, and his claim that there would be more African American lawyers if affirmative action were ended.

The Media Intervention Initiative Project is designed to train and empower civil rights advocates and their supporters with the latest informational and communications expertise needed to defend affirmative action in the media, electoral and community organizing arenas.

A look back on our previous domestic projects related to affirmative action.

International Projects

GAAPP 2010 >>
In late March & April 2010 students from UCLA visited Brazil to participated in thought provoking conferences, workshops and peer-to-peer dialogue. The students collected their thoughts and commentary on the GAAPP 2010 blog. Click the link to view their experiences.

GAAPP 2009 >>
In 2009 students, advocates and educators convened for the workshop: “Critical Race Theory and the Struggle for Equality in Brazil, India, and the United States.” This gathering was from June 7th & 16th and proved to be a remarkably rich experience for all concerned.

GAAPP – Report Backs from the Field >>
As an exciting component of Prof. Crenshaw’s Seminar, Intersectionalities: Race and Gender Conscious Remedies at UCLA and Columbia law schools, Prof. Crenshaw and Project Coordinators, Camila Morsch and Julia Nevia, embarked with thirteen students on a field study of India and Brazil for two weeks in March 2008. Learn more about their adventures.

A culmination of international efforts from 2000-2007.


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