The Policy Forum’s think tank activities specialize in salons, workshops, conferences and the development of public education materials. We play a variety of roles in the production of television, radio and documentary film programs. Our objective is to facilitate the development of effective counter-narratives to the conventional wisdom of the media, so as to capture the values of inclusion, equity and structural justice in public policy debates. Our work in areas such as affirmative action and criminal justice, illustrates how we combine a range of activities to pursue our goal.

Building on the success of the Policy Forum workbook and the Mythbuster Radio Series, we are now developing a booklet called “Structural Racism APPLIED!” The booklet responds to the demands of advocates who are thirsty for materials that help them to understand and apply new frames and cutting edge information to better assist them in advancing their racial equity work.

The African American Policy Forum is one of the leading organizations in the field of race and gender equality. More than exposing the issues at stake, AAPF founders and staff spend a lot of time thinking, creating, and testing new visuals, metaphors, and tools that will help the general audience to understand what affirmative action really is and why it is so important, both domestically and internationally

We seek to build a collaborative effort among communities of color through a multicultural literacy and leadership initiative. Our principle goal is to build a foundation for coalition building that is based on inter-racial and inter-cultural dialogue, awareness, and understanding.

Intersectionality is a concept that enables us to recognize the fact that perceived group membership can make people vulnerable to various forms of bias, yet because we are simultaneously members of many groups, our complex identities can shape the specific way we each experience that bias.

Our past criminal justice have included the Kemba Smith Retreat and the Race and the Criminal (In)justice System; A Policy Forum Conference on Proactive Resistance to name a few. Learn more about our initiatives.


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