Kimberlé Crenshaw

AAPF co-founder, Kimberlé Crenshaw is a specialist on race and gender equality, and has facilitated workshops for human rights activists in Brazil, India and for constitutional court judges in South Africa.  Her voice has also resonated nationally; from her recent speech at the presidential Inauguration Peace Ball, to the Anniversary of V-day, her experience and words have inspired many.

Kimberlé Crenshaw and the staff at the African American Policy Forum are available for speaking engagements, consultations and workshops.

  • Speaking Engagements: AAPF’s renowned directors are available for speaking engagements with your organization or institution on topics including, but not limited to, race, gender, intersectionality, post-racialism and affirmative action.
  • Consultations: AAPF will work with management, staff team, and other key stakeholders to review your organization and development policies to help incorporate a structural racism frame within your work.
  • Workshops: AAPF has years of experience convening workshops for both national and local organizations. We convene both Structural Racism and Intersectionality workshops.

For speaking engagements, consultations and workshop inquiries, please contact us HERE.

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“The experience was life-changing for me…I know that I will forever see the world through a different lens…I opened my eyes for the first time to the harsh reality of duality in this country.  It’s as if I have been battling an invisible entity that I can now see and name.  My experience in Aspen has caused me to fundamentally question many of the dominant beliefs in America…and to see my work…as a much higher calling than I ever imagined.”

“Kimberlé your input was crucial to our work to strengthen the cadre of racial equity champions in our community and I appreciate you serving as moderator…. I think our time spent together was constructive and tremendously informative…. Now more than ever, we understand that achieving racial equity is a long-term effort and real progress will require leadership, public will, and collaboration across a variety of sectors and among all of Jacksonville’s citizens and communities.” – Mayor John Peyton, Jacksonville, Florida.


“It would be impossible to overstate Professor Crenshaw’s brilliance as the seminar leader.  The seminar participants start out with varying levels of knowledge about race in America, different degrees of comfort with addressing the subject, and different ideological backgrounds.  Professor Crenshaw is able to guide these diverse groups through challenging intellectual terrain, such as the constitutional roots of colorblindness, and then bring them up to the present in a manner that allows them to understand the causes of current racial inequities and the debates around alternative solutions.  She combines a keen intellect with social, psychological, and communicative skills to create a learning experience that many have said has changed the way they look at the world.”

Selected Past/Future Speaking Engagements:

April 30, 2010
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Lecturer
10th Annual Women & the Law Conference: Women of Color & Intersectionality
Thomas Jefferson School of Law
San Diego, CA


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April 8, 2010
Arizona State University, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Featured Speaker – Educating all our Children: A Constitutional Perspective
A Wade Smith Memorial Lecture on Race Relations
Tempe, AZ
March 13, 2010
Keynote Speaker -” Intersectionality: Challenging Theory, Reframing Politics & Transforming Movements” 
UCLA School of Law
Los Angeles, CA


March 5, 2010
Panelist – The Scholarship of Catharine MacKinnon Symposium 
University of Tulsa College of Law
Tulsa, OK
February 17, 2010
Featured Speaker – Leadership for Equity & Excellence Forum
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ
January 22, 2010
Emory University – King Week

Keynote Speaker – Speech Title: Gender and the Civil Rights Movement
Atlanta, GA
READ COVERAGE January 21, 2010
Columbia University – Reaching for Post-Racialism: What’s Behind the Debate?

Panel Discussion w/Prof. Ian F. Haney Lopez, UC Berkeley
New York, NY

View Flyer
READ COVERAGE January 18, 2010
Dartmouth College’s Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration in January
Keynote Address – Speech Title: MLK & the New Politics of Racism – A Dream Realized or Denied?
Part of Where Do We Go from Here? Leading for Change
Hanover, NH
READ COVERAGE December 1, 2009
Panelist – “Two Decades & Counting: Critical Reflections on Intersectionality”
Social & Cultural Analysis Speaker Series
NYU Law School
New York, NY
View Flyer
November 24, 2009
Conference: Gender in Cultures of Knowledge. Postcolonial and Queer-Theoretical Perspectives
Speech titled: “Historicizing Intersectionality: A Disciplinary Tale”
Hosted by Humbolt University
Berlin, Germany
November 21, 2009
Liberty Hill Foundation
Color Blindness, Fundamentalism, Barack Obama On the Agenda
Los Angeles, CA
READ COVERAGE November 14, 2009
National Women’s Studies Association – 30th Annual Conference
Presenter – Intersectionality Reexamined
Atlanta, GA
READ COVERAGE November 6, 2009
Women Donor’s Network – 2009 Annual Conference
“Women’s Stories, Women’s Leadership: Social Change in Times of Crisis”
Panelist – Women’s Leadership in Challenging Systemic Structures
New Orleans, LA
View Flyer
READ COVERAGE November 2009 – March 2010
Lead Organizer –  “Intersectionality: Challenging Theory, Reframing Politics & Transforming Movements”
4th Annual CRS Symposium – UCLA School of Law – Critical Race Studies Program

Los Angeles, CA
October 30-November 1, 2009
“Leadership Seminar on Racial Equity & Youth Development”
Workshop Facilitator w/ Luke Harris
Hosted by Community in Schools
Washington, DC
READ COVERAGE October 9, 2009
Panelist – “The Limits of Human Rights”
An event commemorating the launch of the 15th Edition of UCL Prudence Review

University of College London
London, UK
VIEW COVERAGE September 14, 2009
Panelist – “Whither the Court: A Review of the 2008 Supreme Court Term”
Critical Race Studies Program
UCLA School of Law
Los Angeles, CA
READ COVERAGE August 25, 2009
Panelist – The New Rhetoric of Racism”
Critical Race Studies Program (CRS)
UCLA School of Law
Los Angeles, CA
August 20, 2009
Panelist-“Talking B(l)ack to Post-Racialism: Why We Must Do It and What Will Happen if We Don’t”
Weekend Renewing America’s Promise (WRAP)
Martha’s Vineyard, MA
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August 8-11, 2009
Presidential Panel Discussion: “Intersectionaility: A Theoretical Paradigm for Community?”
Hosted by the American Sociological Association
San Francisco, CA
June 19-20, 2009
Community Action Partnership of Riverside & San Bernardino Counties –
Joint Boards Retreat
Facilitator w/Luke Harris – Structural Racism Workshop

January 20, 2009
“Dr. King’s True Legacy: A Lesson for Progressives in the Age of Obama”
Speaker, The Inaugural Peace Ball
Washington, DC

July 2008
“Different Worlds”
Keynote Speaker, Women’s World Day
Madrid, Spain
June 9, 2008
ACLU Membership Conference
Panelist, Sponsored by ACLU
Washington, DC
READ COVERAGE 2008 Convening
Fulfilling the Dream Fund
Featured Panlelist/Speaker

READ COVERAGE April 11, 2008
“V-Day Superlove”
New Orleans, LA

Notable Media Appearances

* HBO Documentary, OJ: A Study in Black and White, Commentator – November 2002

* National Public Radio “The Tavis Smiley Show,” Bi-Weekly Commentator – 2003-2005

* Dateline, NBC

* KCET-TV Talk Live

* Mike Tyson: The Movie

* CNN Headline News

* CNN & Company

* “The Michael Eric Dyson Radio Show,” Invitee with special guests for two weeks in a 13-Part Series – October 2006



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