Thank you for your interest in supporting the African American Policy Forum. Our supporters play a vital role in ensuring that our message of equality and justice reaches a broader audience. Our work depends on the support of passionate and caring individuals like you, who are dedicated to ending discrimination and injustice in the United States and abroad.

Here at AAPF, we seek to build bridges between academics, community activists and policy-makers in order to provide them with the tools they need to effectively work together to eliminate the vestiges of structural racism, gender and caste inequality, and other forms of discrimination. This is necessary in order to advance a more inclusive and robust public discourse that directly confronts the policies and institutions that perpetuate inequality in society.

With your support, we are able to fund:

  • Print, media and web-based messaging tools and publications to help re-frame the discussion on structural racism, affirmative action, and gender inequality, as well as a host of other concerns facing members of marginalized communities
  • Conferences, public forums, and symposiums that bring leading scholars, activists and policy-makers together to not only discuss relevant social justice issues but also brainstorm and implement both policy and institutional remedies

Our work depends on the support of passionate and caring individuals like you. By easily donating, you can help us expand equality and opportunity. We hope you will consider donating to our cause. Please note that your donation is tax-deductible and will be securely handled through PayPal.



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