Whites are playing victim

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March 21, 2011

By Thabile Mange

Our politics continue to run along racial lines. That means South Africans still view things through racial lenses. This is because the country has a rich history of racial discrimination. Thanks to white Afrikaners with their past evil system of apartheid.

Having an official opposition that serves the white interests only helps perpetuate racial tensions in the country – the Democratic Alliance (DA) has consistently denied that, claiming to be a non racial party. The DA enjoys the support of white conservatives (mostly former Nationalist Party supporters), who repeatedly and loyally vote for the party. So why wouldn’t the opposition serve the minority interests? We desperately need a black and effective opposition.

It is interesting to note that whites are now accusing the black led government of reverse racism. Has the government of the day adopted the evil of the now-defunct Nationalist Party and subtly practicising racism? Is the ANC led government vindictive?

According to the New Frank Talk publisher, Andile Mngxitama,’ blacks can’t be racist’. Mngxitama reasons that racism was created by whites, so there is no way that blacks can be racist. Can blacks be racist? There is no easy answer.

When racism is being practiced against blacks, the DA and whites who claim to be advocates for non-racialism, keep quiet. Not so long ago, a black employee Christopher Mohaleng was assaulted by his white employers in Potchestroom for arriving five minutes late at work. As expected, the matter didn’t make headlines. Why? Because the employee is black.

Whites started the race claim during former president Thabo Mbeki’s administration. For the record, whites hated Mbeki with a passion. Interestingly, they previously regarded him as an intellectual and a world class leader. And progressive. How soon things change.
Mbeki’s “Two Nation” speech made him infamous with the minority of people of this country. The former president said South Africa is made up of two worlds: one rich and white, the other poor and black. I suppose that’s true, isn’t? But, surprisingly, the speech didn’t go down well with whites.

The former president’s fierest critic Xolela Mangcu asserts in his book, To The brink: The State of Democracy in South Africa, that Mbeki used race to cover the failures of his administration. The other school of thought holds that the ex-president wanted so much to prove to whites that blacks are as capable as they are. So in the process, he aliniated and drove away whites with much needed skills.

My view is that whites hated Mbeki for speaking out about racism. Any black person who raises the race issue is labelled a racist or is said to be obsessed with race. For the record, I hold no brief for the former president.

Jimmy Manyi, the GCIS CEO and cabinet spokesperson, is equally hated by whites. They hate Manyi for his tough stance on employment equity. They recently called for his head for his coloured statement that he made last year (Solidarity posted the interview on youtube this year), and failed. When you threaten the interest of whites, they fight back. Manyi should know that this is only the beginning.

The pertinent question is: are whites the victims of racism, as they claim, or are they just playing victim? Reports show that they are the major beneficiaries of our hard earned democracy. For instance, white women benefit more than their black counterparts from affirmative action. So do white males on black economic empowerment.

Does their race claim hold water? Methinks not. I think they are just playing victim. For an example, poor whites who live in Coronation Park in Krugersdorp were requested by the Mogale City municipality to relocate to Kagiso location; they flatly refused, saying they fear for their lives. They were afraid of black people.

These are the same people who were prioritised over blacks: they were going to jump the housing queue and get their RDP houses without a struggle. On the other hand, there are black people who have registered for houses in 1996 and they are still without houses. Are these poor whites ungrateful?

Interestingly, the same whites have made an about turn and now are ready to relocate to the same location. Do they no longer fear for their lives? The mind boggles. This proves my point: whites are just playing victim.

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