Lockup Raw: America’s Toughest Jails

The below intern blog is a commentary on the TV series “Lockup” and the image it portrays of incarcerated individuals based on the video that can be found below the commentary.
Incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals are often viewed as monsters, dangerous, a threat to society, and therefore deserving of their confinement. Yet, many individuals may have come in contact with these alleged “monsters” on various occasions as they shop at their nearest supermarket, travel on public transportation, watch various street parades, etc. The media feeds into the negative portrayals of people who have been convicted of an offense. Incarcerated individuals, as a whole, are continuously represented by those who catch the public’s attention via factors like news stories and TV series like Lockup, which tends to show the violence, mayhem, and inappropriate activity within select correctional facilities. I, for one, would like to see more Lockup documentaries of the incarcerated individuals who would like to obtain an education while serving time but are not allowed to do so due to lack of services, who are not provided with medical attention when needed, who are abused by the correctional officers, who are not provided with a sufficient amount of sanitary napkins when on their menstrual cycle, and who are serving time for a crime they did not commit. Where are the shows and documentaries that illustrate these downfalls in the system?

Lockup Raw: America’s Toughest Jails

Lockup TV series
Please click the link above to watch the video.


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