Dayton took on one of the biggest opponents of Affirmative Action to head up DEED

Posted on January 31, 2011
By Alan Maki

Dayton took on one of the biggest opponents of Affirmative Action to head up DEED— Mark Phillips a CEO with Krause-Anderson Construction. Now today Dayton is announcing like a billion dollars in in public works funding and Kraus-Anderson will be the general manager on most of these projects with their own CEO Mark Phillips doling out the money without affirmative action being enforced.

I don’t know if you have ever been out to any of these public works construction projects here in Minnesota— even highway and road work— but they bring in people to operate equipment from Iowa, North and South Dakota, Wisconsin and even as far away as Texas when the law says Affirmative Action plans have to include studies, implementation, enforcement and final reports that people of color, women and the handicapped must be employed if the initial study proves that their are higher levels of unemployment than the average.

We are trying to pull together an interracial statewide committee to challenge this but we won’t have a committee set up until well after these bonding proposals are already out. We didn’t expect them to push these through so quickly.

All Affirmative Action programs and plans are supposed to be available to the public. I am going to be making the request early next week; it would be helpful if you took your camera/recorder down there and pushed from your end to see the affirmative action plans from both Dayton and Mark Phillips.

With a billion dollars we are talking thousands of jobs people of color, women and the handicapped are entitled to but will never get unless affirmative action is enforced.

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