Under the Hammer

Posted on January 13, 2011

By John Hanner

It is obvious why the left, with its tight control of the media at risk, is furious at talk radio.

On one hand you have the left that controls the mainstream media, including not just The New York Times, Time and Newsweek, but the vast majority of daily newspapers in the country, and television news other than Fox. They decide what America knows and what America thinks is important.

Then along come these silly talk radio people with their internet sites, and they managed to confuse people so much in the last election that the voters elected a whole bunch of conservative whackos to Congress. So many conservative whackos that the Republicans now control the United States House of Representatives. In the mind of the left, the house of the people is now controlled by a party that only cares about the rich. How is that even possible?

You have to remember that these people entrenched on the left think the Tea Party movement is a huge joke made up of people who leave their double-wides and miss bowling night to attend rallies. To have a huge joke beat your serious candidates at the polls in state after state is not demoralizing, it is maddening.

So it is not hard to see why The New York Times and much of the left-wing media jumped to conclusions and blamed talk radio and the Tea Party for the shooting rampage in Arizona. It was a knee jerk reaction, but from their point of view it made sense. Because from their point of view, every Republican is a gun nut. In fact, some would no doubt be surprised to look up Republican in the dictionary and not find “gun nut” listed as one of the definitions.

However, days later, everyone knows Jared Lee Loughner was not a right-wing nut. He doesn’t seem to have been a left-wing nut either. He was just mentally ill. If blame needs to be placed somewhere, it should be on the current method of dealing with the mentally ill. From hindsight it is unarguable that this man should have been locked up to protect society. He was a danger to society and needed help. But there is no evidence that he was crazy because he listened to Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage or, for that matter, Sarah Palin. He did, by the way, listen to The Communist Manifesto.

There is evidence that he was some kind of cultist. He had an altar and shrine with a skull in his backyard.

One of the huge problems with the whole state of things is that the left has such tight control of the mainstream media. The story the left continues to want to tell is that, somehow, conservatives are responsible for this tragic event.

So far, despite looking high and low for evidence, they haven’t found any, but because they control the media that doesn’t mean the story is dead. They just keep saying that the violent images used in conservative political campaigns and campaign rhetoric are somehow responsible for this tragedy.

If, when authorities had gone into Loughner’s room, they had found a “Don’t Tread on Me Flag” and life sized posters of Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh in some kind of shrine, with violent imagery they have used written on the wall, then the left could make an argument. But they didn’t find any evidence that Loughner was anything other than someone who really needed treatment for mental illness.

But they haven’t dropped the story.

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Along those same lines it’s easy to see why District 13 Rep. Brad Miller jumped on this blame-the-conservatives bandwagon. Miller knows that this is his last term in Congress, which is largely due to the success of the Tea Party movement, and that has no doubt put him in a mood worse than his usual bad mood. Miller is in Congress almost entirely because he was in charge of redrawing the congressional districts after the 2000 census. Miller took that as an opportunity and drew a district that he could win. He proved to have a particular talent for gerrymandering and has been in Congress ever since.

If the Republican state House and state Senate don’t accomplish anything except put Miller in a fairly drawn district that he can’t possibly win, it will have been a great service to North Carolina. Imagine a man charged with redrawing the congressional districts for the state of North Carolina and, instead of making certain that 9 million people have adequate representation, he takes advantage of the trust placed in him to use his power to design a district so that he can be elected.

Giving allowance for the bad mood Miller must be in because he realizes his time in Congress is growing short, to attempt to take political advantage of a tragedy like the shooting in Arizona is despicable.

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On National Public Radio (NPR) they were talking about how in Arizona people who legally own handguns can legally carry them concealed without an additional permit and that was a contributing factor to the shooting. To believe that you have to believe that someone who was on his way to kill as many people as he could was going to decide not to do it because he was afraid he would get a citation for carrying a concealed weapon without a permit.

It is ludicrous to suggest that someone who was on his way to kill people was going to be dissuaded because he had to commit a misdemeanor, or even four or five felonies to do it. Clearly obeying the law was not a concern.

People who use guns to kill other people don’t worry much about gun laws. Felons who are still living a life of crime regularly carry guns even though it is illegal for them to posses a firearm, and more illegal to conceal it. But if you are robbing banks, then worrying about obeying the gun laws is not high on your list of concerns.

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NPR finally got around to firing the woman who fired Juan Williams from his job at NPR for comments he made on The O’Reilly Factor. Williams’ real crime was that he is becoming more and more conservative and NPR simply cannot allow anyone with conservative leanings to remain on the air.

Williams had become a huge problem for NPR because of his conservative leanings and his race. NPR is a huge promoter of affirmative action, but what they really promote at NPR is affirmative action for liberal blacks. Williams, a black with conservative leanings, of course should receive no special treatment and was fired for making a reasonable statement, but expressing a view that NPR found so horrible that the only solution was to fire Williams, over the phone no less.

The Republicans should have cut all funding to NPR the moment they got through reading the Constitution. Every minute they wait makes it less likely to happen. For Republicans to fund a news organization that has done everything in its power to keep them out of office is stupid, and if the Republicans continue to offer a dime of funding to NPR then they will prove once again why they are called the stupid party.

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If you can’t make any sense of things like President Barack Hussein Obama insisting that Great Britain take back the bust of Winston Churchill, or his refusing to meet with the prime minister of Great Britain, or saying that France is America’s best ally, you should read The Roots of Obama’s Rage by Dinesh D’Souza.

In it D’Souza explains these actions with a theory that holds up well. It is based on the title of Obama’s first book, Dreams from my Father.

The premise, and I won’t do it justice in a few words, is that Obama is attempting to fulfill the dreams of his father, and his father was an anti-colonialist. Obama’s grandfather was imprisoned by the British when they were quieting an uprising to regain control of their colony before granting Kenya its freedom a few years later.

So far his explanation of Obama’s actions makes more sense than any other explanation I’ve seen. One point D’Souza makes that is very pertinent to Greensboro right now is that in his second book, The Audacity of Hope, Obama calls for “a modification of affirmative action programs so that they are based on need and benefit all races.”

Governments at every level are going to be looking for places to reduce spending this year, and cutting out the Minority and Women’s Business Enterprise Program would save millions of dollars.

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