Racial Discrimination as an illness…

Race discrimination is one of the key elements in the barrier between equality an U.S.  and their awareness. Based on the DoSomething website there are 11 Facts About Racial Discrimination that should be recognized by many.  The list includes political, community, and global issues that has occurred.

The concept of racial discrimination has mostly been observed as something that is an internal bias towards another individual that is of a different ethnicity, race, gender etc. I personally consider it an ‘illness’ or ‘disease’.  When I use the term ‘illness’ or ‘disease’ I am not referring to something such as a cold or something that is genetic in nature, but illness in the sense that it is contagious and has been passed down verbally from generation to generation through families as well as in government.

According to a study conducted at the Mailman School of Public Health, racial discrimination is associated with worse self-reported physical and mental health in African Americans, regardless of gender, skin color and socioeconomic indicators. This means not only is it a disease of those who coined the term and enforce it in policies, but also for those who based on skin tone, are the main targets of racial discrimination (African-Americans).

So how does one alleviate the disease? I would assume similar to any other form of disease like gum disease. To get rid of it one must:

  1. Regular visits to the dentist– Similar to dental visits; one should continually visit the topic of discrimination in a way that will help mend the already broken thought. I assume this may be done through RECOGNITION of your own bias. Being self aware may be hard because realizing you are discriminating against another may seem painless and hard to see on your own.
  2. Brushing twice a day – Now that you are aware of the things that place you in the category of someone who discriminates against others, you can practice by brushing away the layer of clouds before your eyes daily through constant recognition and looking past ones skin tone, gender etc. when making decisions.
  3. Flossing everyday – Flossing will assist in releasing all of the deeply embedded thoughts, judgments, and negative debris.
  4. Use Antiseptic mouthwash – The final step to individually help alleviate discriminatory thoughts and preventing discriminatory actions is by washing away and healing the mind through constant reflection and drench your self with those you once discriminate against. Drown yourself in their culture and build a form of understanding of the items that once clouded your judgment.

This concept of discrimination being an illness is not a scientifically based reflection. It is simply an idea  I have conjured, to hopefully help  others understand the severity of discrimination being present and not being addressed directly.



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