Racial discrimination exists; even online!

When we think about the internet and the types of negative acts that occur, we usually think of cyber bullying, or child pedophiles. We don’t usually consider acts of racism being conducted online.

CNN reports that the  “African American household at the same income level and with the same education level as a white household is still less likely to have broadband access and use the internet,” said Rebecca Blank, one of the report’s authors and the undersecretary for economic affairs at the Department of Commerce. This may or may not contribute to the increase in racial acts being conducted online.  When do you draw the line between freedom of speech and racial discrimination via web?

The YouTube video Online Racism-People Behaving Badly demonstrates the many places online where adults as well as children can access these racial comments.  How can one regulate the racial discrimination being conducted online when there is no policy specifically developed by policy makers to diminish the blatant acts of racism in our community? Bringing about knowledge and self-awareness to others may be one small step of gaining equality.



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