Women and Discrimination: the International Edition

Our intern, Daniella, takes a look at women’s rights and discrimination internationally by reviewing and adding her thoughts to the recent NYT article, For China’s Women, More Opportunities, More Pitfalls:

As opportunities grow for Chinese women, at the same time  discrimination at the work place occurs due to costs related to childbirth that the law stipulates must be covered by the employer.  After reading this article, I was angered by the fact that in China women need to ask for permission to have a child and are discriminated against for this, as I see it, miracle of life. I do not see it as fair that a woman has to choose between career and family. It has been shown all across many continents that women are capable of having a great education, followed by a great career balancing important work related decisions and at the same time are capable of having children and being involved in their lives from day one. I think that is a great idea to have the government cover the costs of child birth and maternity leave and that way women will be giving the total respect and will be at the same level as men when it comes to applying for a job.


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