AAPF and Aspen Roundtable for Community Change partner with local organizations to launch project against inequality in Jacksonville.

AAPF , along with the Aspen Institute Roundtable for Community Change , hosted a four day race conference in Jacksonville , Florida to address the topic of structural racism and the role that it plays in society today.  The conference , entitled “Project Breakthrough” united community organizers and several key community members including the mayor , judge , and superintendent of Jacksonville.  Upon convening , participants were given an introduction to the issue of structural racism and were asked to see how it has affected their community. Throughout the conference , participants eagerly engaged in discussions on how to address and undo the affects of structural racism. Through the facilitation of Professor Kimberlé Crenshaw , members of the conference began to look through different lenses and saw that the huge disparity gaps that exist between whites and people of color were a direct result of structural racism , not individual faults.  Additionally , members also engaged in several small group exercises aimed at exposing the role of structural racism during the course of the conference.  At the end of the conference , the discussions ultimately led community members to commit to continuing this work aimed at remedying the affects of structural racism in Jacksonville. 



The conference was featured in Jacksonville’s local newspaper , The Times-Union.  To read the article , please click here.



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