Prof Crenshaw's Writing Again Featured in Ms. Magazine

Professor Crenshaw has recently written another key piece for Ms. Magazine entitled “The Old Boys Club”.  In her piece, she explores how the Small Business Administration has worked continuously to stall efforts aimed at increaseingthe number of women contractors working with the federal government. This piece, published in the Fall issue of Ms. Magazine will soon be available on the newsstands.  In addtion to Professor Crenshaw’s piece, this Fall issue contains many other important key pieces of writings ranging from "Suze Orman’s Bottom Line," which offers advice on how women can empower themselves during times of financial hardships and  "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!," a piece written by economist Julianne Malveaux detailing the remedies that must be taken in order to save our current economy.  Another noteworthy piece in this Fall’s issue of Ms. is "The Scandal of Military Rape" which discusses the failed policies of the State Department to deter rape and other crimes of violence against women within our very own military.  The writings found in  Ms. magazine highlight and offer key insights to issues that affect many women throughout society. 



For more information regarding Ms. Magainze, please visit their website at where you will be able to access featured articles, additional resources, and sign up to join the Ms. Community.







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