AAPF Collaborates with Aspen Institute's Roundtable for Community Change

October 15, 2008
This June, July, and October Prof. Kimberlé Crenshaw, AAPF’s Associate Director  Camila Morsch, and AAPF’s Project Director  Prof . Luke Harris, co-faciliated with the Aspen Roundtable for Community Change,  a series of Aspen Institute’s Racial Equity and Society Seminars and Youth Development Seminars.  This series is a product of the Aspen Institute’s Roundtable on Community Change program on structural racism. The Program’s mission correlates with AAPF’s goals to dismantle the hidden pillars of structural racism still existing in a post-Civil Rights era. 
Since 2003, AAPF has partnered with the Aspen Institute on this project, a development from the Aspen Institute’s  strong connection with Prof. Crenshaw’s work. AAPF has collarborated and facilitated many workshops with the Aspen Institute on several occasions in the past.  Recently, AAPF along with the Aspen Instutute has held workshops from June 4-9, July 14-19, July 24-29, and Ocober 4-9.  These workshops are used to provide targeted public education to members of the community on the prevalent issues of race and gender in society.  The Seminar’s participants are chosen based on these two main criteria: 1) That they would likely become a "champion" of efforts to expose and bring down structural racism and 2) Their influence and proximity to the "levers" of change that can promote racial equality.  This Seminar affirms AAPF’s role in bringing about social inclusion domestically in addition to bridging academia and grassroots.


For more information about the Aspen Institute’s Roundtable on Community Change , please click here.    


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