Prof. Harris Will Spend a Year at Stanford's Multi-Disciplinary Ethnic Studies Center

 July 21, 2008 

Professor Luke Harris accepted the fellowship at the Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity based at Stanford University for the 2008-09 school term. As a professor in political science and a legal scholar, Prof. Harris’s scholarship melds well with the Center’s goal of hosting an interdisciplinary community researching on race, ethnicity and culture. With a domestic and international perspective, the goals of the Center also parallel the African American Policy Forum’s focus on social inclusion policies on a global scale.   

As a Visiting Fellow, Prof. Harris will attend monthly seminars, yearly conferences, research networks and a monthly Fellows Forum. All of these events are geared to foster participant’s ongoing research through the sharing of methodology and theory in order to produce viable results at the end of the term. Professor Harris plans to focus on colorblindness and the ongoing impact this concept has had on social inclusion policies both domestically and internationally. 

Prof. Harris will be joined by four other Visiting Fellows:

— Prof. Gaye Theresa Johnson, scholar on Black and Chicana/o Studies and History at University of California, Santa  Barbra.

— Prof. Jean Kim, scholar in History at Dartmouth College.

— Prof. George Lipsitz, scholar in Black Studies and Sociology at University of California, Santa Barbara.

— Howard Winant, scholar in Sociology at University of California, Santa Barbara




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