Prof. Crenshaw Accepts Year-Long Fellowship at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences

July 21, 2008 

Professor Kimberlé Crenshaw will join the prestigious Center of Advanced Behavioral Studies at Stanford University this coming Fall. Founded in 1954, the Center has fostered the works of leading social scientists and multi-disciplinary academics. Major scholars such as Robert Dahl, Edward Said and John Rawls have produced their seminal works during their year long stay at the Center. (Who Governs?, Orientalism and A Theory of Justice, respectively)

Prof. Crenshaw plans to focus on colorblindness and coordinate meetings with other scholars throughout the year to collaborate their efforts on this topic.  As a legal professor at both UCLA and Columbia Law School, Prof. Crenshaw understands the benefits of utilizing resources and scholarship from multiple areas and being able to create the “big picture” from various parts. The concept of colorblindness has enabled anti-affirmative action advocates to attack the policy in five states. By drawing on various academic disciplines, Prof. Crenshaw’s research aims to show that willfully ignoring the impact of race in all aspects of society (housing, criminal justice system, domestic violence, income etc.) leads to social inequality unbefitting to a democratic country. 

Through this year long research project, Prof. Crenshaw will also expand the African American Policy Forum’s efforts to create an academic and activist network focused on social inclusion policies.  AAPF will build its resources and deepen its research on this highly controversial topic. In addition, the fellowship will strengthen AAPF’s longstanding scholarly relationship with renowned academic Prof. Claude Steele, the Director of the Center of Advanced Behavioral Studies.  




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