AAPF Partners with Daniel Sabbagh to Host U.S.-France Bilateral on Race

May 5, 2008

From May 19-20th, the African American Policy Forum (AAPF) will partner with Daniel Sabbagh, professor at CERI-Sciences Po, to convene a US- France workshop to discuss the issues of race in a cross cultural context. This bilateral is an outgrowth of AAPF’s social inclusion network and a development from AAPP’s Globalizing Affirmative Action Workshop held in Bellagio, Italy, summer 2007.

During the Bellagio workshop, various academics and activists from France, India, South Africa, Brazil and the United States convened to discuss affirmative action on a global scale. From this workshop, the participants committed to continuing these vibrant discussions through such gatherings as bilateral conferences. Soon after the Bellagio workshop, AAPF co-founders, Prof. Crenshaw and Prof. Harris, coordinated a bilateral conference with the Rai Foundation in India to help maintain this newly formed global network of scholars and affirmative action advocates.

Highlighting the comparative nature of the upcoming French bilateral, participants from both the US and France will chair four sessions tentatively titled: “Blacks in the United States and France,” “Race and gender conundrum,” “Administering equality” and “Collecting and using statistical data on race and ethnicity.”  Prof. Crenshaw is scheduled to host the session on “Race and Gender” by discussing the intersectional nature of these traits.  Her French counterpart, Laure Bereni, will then offer the analysis that gender equality was gained in France by being separated from racial inequality. This format and theses topics are expected to develop productive discussions and brainstorming during the upcoming bilateral conference.

Prof. Devon Carbado, Kimberly Look, Attorney Linda Hamilton Krieger,  and Loyola Law School professor Kimberle West-Faulcon composed the US delegation for this trip.  Participating from the host country are Eric Fassin and Fred Constant.

The conference will be held on the CERI-Sciences Po campus based in Paris, France.



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