Blog 9- Small Group Discussion on Mobilization

Acknowledging the need to mobilize resources and information, the small groups discussed political strategy and social movements. Embodied in the political strategy is the attempt to address foundational myths embedded in each country’s society, such as republicanism, color blindness, racial democracy.  

Initially, some of the participants debated the topics of the discussion. One participant argued that one needs understand the ideological basis for discrimination in each country in order to develop a strategy against the existing hegemony. He also noted that mobilization requires activist to be able to broaden their base of support. For example, republicanism in France or colorblindness in Brazil were issues brought up as barriers activists must either accommodate in order to build a majority or navigate around in order to prove their point.

Others argued that discussing the concrete aspect of social mobilization is crucial for actual change to be made.
The existing practices group decided that part of social mobilization required looking at existing resources that activists can use and what they need to build. In addition, this group acknowledged the need to look at the social transformation aspect as well as it relates to national ideology, but not let that be the sole focus.  

Eventually, the participants broke down into two groups with one groups discussing the social movement aspect and the other the overlaying ideological normative issues.




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