Blog 11- Strategies on How to Gather Data

The group began by discussing the legal context each country face in regards to collecting data. France, for example, must overcome a constitutional limitation on data based on race. On the extreme opposite end, in South Africa there is complete constitutional commitment to race based policies.  

Despite the participants acknowledging that each survey will have to be context specific, the moderator suggested that at least one goal would be to agree on common objectives for data collecting. A shared goal, despite the method and details, would enable the countries to share the information eventually gathered in their respective country.  

Eventually the participants agreed that mapping across each country what is being done and where, would help them gain a sense of the situation. Going back to the significance of data collecting, there is the reality that the data could be used against the discriminated group. For example, domestic abuse statistics could prove that the untouchables are violent and that one can not help this group. The group eased into the next session with the goal of determining objectives and emphasizing the overall benefits of having good data despite the potential for misuse.




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