No discrimination against Dalits in teashops


The Hindu
September 5, 2007
ERODE: In rural areas where caste Hindus are dominant tea shop owners will not serve Harijans tea inside their shops. But the situation in Erode district is different. Here, according to the police, no such incident has been reported from any part of the district. Nor are separate glasses provided for Dalits in any place – either in rural or urban areas.

In Perumapalayam village near Kalingarayanpalayam, a predominantly caste Hindu area, tea and other eatables are provided to all and one can see camaraderie among people belonging to different castes. The number of Dalits in the district is high. Out of the total population of 25.85 lakh, 4.22 lakhs are Dalits (according to the 2001 census) and this is about 17 to 18 per cent of the total population. Dalits said their children were studying for professional courses and they were also availing concessions of the Government.

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